Current Studies

The facts about participating in clinical research and our ongoing studies:

First and foremost your safety is our top priority. Participating in clinical research gives you access to the latest medical and scientific innovations in medicine as well as compensates the participant(s) for time and travel. Most importantly, you are advancing medical science by contributing to the development of vital new medicines and paving the way for these new medicines to reach the market.

Please let us know if you are interested in participating in a research study. Study participants receive medical care, lab tests, and study medication at no cost, and are compensated for their participation. Transportation can be provided.

For more information, please call: 954-366-0277.



To participate or refer a patient, please call 954-366-0277.

Clinical Coordinators: Jorge Riveros, IMG/CCRC • Adriana Bohorquez, IMG/MPH/CCRC • Rebecca Nembhard, CCRC

Biogen/EMERGE: Alzheimer’s Disease
A two-year study to evaluate a potential disease-modifying treatment given monthly by intravenous infusion on the effect of passive immunization on the progression of cognitive impairment/mild Alzheimer’s disease in patients who are 55 to 85 years old. Patients need study partner to attend some visits. (MMSE 26-30)

Lilly/DAYBREAK: Alzheimer’s Disease
An 18 Month study to evaluate an oral potential disease modifying therapy in patients 55-85 years old with Mild Alzheimer’s Disease with another 18 months on study drug (Open Label Extension). Patients need a study partner to attend some visits. (MMSE 20-26)

Lilly/TRAILBLAZER: Alzheimer’s Disease
A 2 year study to evaluate the effect of an IV medication or a combination IV and oral medication versus placebo in patients with early Alzheimer’s Disease.  Patients who are 60-85 years of age and experiencing gradual and progressive change in memory function for the at least 6 months. (MMSE 20-28)

Lilly Migraine study
A 1 year study to evaluate the efficacy of a new oral medication for the treatment of an acute migraine attack. Patients must be 18-80 and experiencing 3-8 migraines per month, with less than 15 headache days per month.

Novartis-Generation 2: Memory Loss
A long term study to evaluate the effectiveness of an oral potential disease modifying therapy in patients 60-80 years of age, first part of screening is genotyping for Alzheimer’s disease. Patients need a study partner to attend some visits. (MMSE 26-30)


To participate or refer a patient, please call 954-366-0277.

Clinical Coordinator: Lucy Vargas, MA, CRC

GSK – Captain: Asthma
A 52-week study comparing the efficacy, safety and tolerability of the fixed dose combination FF/UMEC/VI with the fixed dose dual combination of FF/VI, administered once-daily via a dry powder inhaler in subjects with inadequately controlled asthma- 18 and older

Pearl – 05: COPD
A 52-week study assessing the efficacy and safety of an inhaled medication in patients with moderate to severe COPD. For those 40-80 years of age.


To participate or refer a patient Call 954-475-8171, ext 146 (Fanny) or ext 138 (Adriana)

Clinical Coordinators: Fanny Gully, CRC and Adriana Araujo, CRC

Neurim Pharmaceuticals Ltd. – reCOGNITION: Mild Alzheimer’s disease
A 6 month placebo controlled, dose ranging study of piromelatine (5, 20, and 50 mg daily for 6 months) versus placebo to determine an effective dose based on efficacy (cognitive performance), safety and tolerability in patients with mild dementia due to AD. (MMSE 21-26)

Suven Life Sciences Ltd: Moderate Alzheimer’s disease
26-week long study to evaluate the safety and efficacy of SUVN-502 with donepezil and memantine for the treatment of moderate Alzheimer’s disease. (MMSE 12-20)

Eisai: Sleep disorder due to Alzheimer’s
An 11 week study to evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Lemborexant in patients with Alzheimer’s having trouble staying awake during the day and sleeping through the night who are 60-90 years of age. (MMSE 10-26)

Roche – GRADUATE 2: Early Alzheimer’s Disease
A 24-month long study to evaluate a potential disease modifying therapy, monthly subcutaneous injections versus placebo in patients between 50 and 90 years old with memory loss or early Alzheimer’s disease with 24 month open label extension. (MMSE 20-30)

Vertex: Small Fiber Neuropathy
A 6 week study evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of VX-150 in patients with pain caused by Small Fiber Neuropathy that are 18-80 years of age, with or without Diabetes.

ACADIA/Parkinson’s with depression
An Open-label, 8-Week Study of Safety and Efficacy for Adjunctive Pimavanserin Treatment in Adults With Parkinson’s Disease and Inadequately Controlled Depression.


To participate or refer a patient –Call 954-475-8171 Ext 134 (Michele)

Clinical Coordinator: Michelle Fistel, CCRC

Biogen-Affinity: Multiple Sclerosis
An 18-month placebo controlled monthly IV study to evaluate an add on therapy for Relapsing Remitting or Secondary Progressive MS (Primary or Secondary), must be 18-58 years of age, and be treated with one of the following DMTs for 6 months prior to baseline: Avonex, Plegridy, Betaseron, Rebif, Tecfidera or Tysabri – Subjects will continue on their current therapy throughout the study.

Novartis-FLUENT: Multiple Sclerosis
A 1 year observational study for patients either taking Gilenya for 2 consecutive years or newly prescribed. Only blood draws and questionnaires required.